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Byesville Scenic Railway Overview

Byesville Scenic Railway is a tourist railroad located in Byesville, Ohio. Service was suspended in 2011, and as of 2020 has not resumed.

The railway is a non-profit group dedicated to preserving the local coal mining and railroad history in Guernsey County, Ohio. The railroad runs on track that was originally known as the Cleveland & Marietta Railroad and later became part of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The primary freight hauled was coal, as Guernsey County was a large producer of coal. It later became part of the Penn Central Railroad due to a merger of the Pennsylvania and New York Central and later Conrail.

In the early 1980s most of the C&M was removed, the remaining portion from Cambridge to C&M Junction (just south of Derwent) was sold to the Chessie System. Guernsey County purchased Byesville to C&M Junction in 1999 which lay dormant until 2003 when the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad began operating a tourist train from Byesville, Ohio to Derwent. In 2006, the newly formed Byesville Scenic Railway began operations and has continued the rehabilitation of line to C&M Junction.

Around 2011, the rail line was sold to a new operator, Zemba Bros. of Zanesville. Zemba Bros. refuses to allow the railroad to operate on the line. Currently, the Ohio Central Railroad is the only user of the line, as they are contracted to run gravel trains for Zemba Brothers.

Trains have not run since 2011.

Byesville Scenic Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
BSRW 386 80 Tonner 1945 Ex-OHCR 386/LER 101/G&W 22. Stored in Byesville.

Byesville Scenic Railway Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
OHCR 553 Caboose 19?? Ex-PLE 553. Stored in Byesville.
BSRW 4323 Passenger Car 1917 Ex-OHCR 4323/DLW 4323/DLW 671. Stored in Byesville.
BSRW 4362 Passenger Car 1920 Ex-OHCR 4362/DLW 4362/DLW 710. Stored in Byesville.
BSRW RC69001B40 Burro Crane 19?? Ex-NS RC69001B40. Stored in Byesville.

Former Byesville Scenic Railway Equipment

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
BSRW 211 SW1 1949 Ex-OHCR 211/DEEX 211. Returned to AOSR. Re-lettered to OHCR 211.
OHCR 552 Caboose 1978 Ex-BO C3???. Returned to AOSR.
OHCR 554 Caboose 1976 Ex-NW 555071. Returned to AOSR.

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