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Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Overview

The Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad is a 6 mile shortline in Ohio. Chartered in 1984 by local business interests to preserve the "Jefferson Industrial Track", the AC&JR today provides bulk commodity shipping and transloading services in Jefferson, Ohio -- home of the road's office, historic depot, and at one time a tourist railroad operation. The 6 mile trackage is a surviving segment of a former Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway division connecting Jefferson to points north and south. Later, the line would come under the control of the New York Central, but by the late 1950s trackage south of Jefferson had been removed. Under Conrail, the line was slated for abandonment in the early 1980s, until local interests and the State of Ohio secured the property for shortline use. Tourist operations under the name Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Scenic Line began in 1991, but ended in 2014.

Currently many of the railroad's customers are not located along the railroad but are served from its two transload facilities.

The AC&JR interchanges with the Norfolk Southern at its small Carson staging yard, just south of Interstate 90 in Carson (Ashtabula).

Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Customers

Customer Location Company Type Car Type Notes
ACJR Transload Carson Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers
ACJR Transload Jefferson Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers

Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
ACJR 107 S2 1950 Ex-FPE 107/NW 2045/NKP 45. Stored inoperable.
HZRX 2391 U23B 1972 Ex-LAFX 2391/WSTX 2391/RMDI 2391/RBMN 2391/CR 2717/PC 2717. Stored serviceable.
ACJR 7371 S2 1941 Ex-HCC 1002/USAX 7371. Operational. Main locomotive.

Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
ACJR 201 Baggage Car 1950 Ex-ERIE 201. Stored.
ACJR 425 Caboose 1956 Ex-NKP 425. In active service.
ACJR 1022 Passenger Car 19?? Ex-Erie. Stored. Named "Mill Creek."
ACJR 266610 Boxcar 19?? Ex-CR 266610. Stored.
ACJR 518573 Caboose 1969 Ex-NW 518573. In active service.
ACJR 526168 Boxcar 1973 Ex-SOU 526168. Stored.

Former ACJR Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
JLCX 10 U30C 1972 Ex-DEEX 10. Scrapped 2010. Never ran on the property.
HZRX 343 SD9M 1957 Ex-LDCX 2019/NS 51/NW 2943/NKP 343. Leased. Returned to Horizon Rail.
ACJR 518 S2 1948 Ex-CLEI 1776/EL 518/ERIE 518. Sold to French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society.

Former ACJR Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
ACJR 100 Open-Air Car 19?? Ex-K&K 100. Sold to S. Symans in Dunkirk, NY.
ACYX 721 Passenger Car 1918 Ex-IC 2678/IC 3143. Disposition unknown.
ACJR 7133 Passenger Car 1927 Ex-K&K 7133/LIRR 7133/LIRR 133. Sold to Buffalo Southern. Now BSOR 870.
ACJR 7136 Passenger Car 1927 Ex-K&K 7136/LIRR 7136/LIRR 136. Sold to Buffalo Southern. Now BSOR 380.
ACJR 7099 Passenger Car 1927 Ex-K&K 7099/LIRR 99. Sold to Walkersville and Southern.
ACJR 765367 MOW Passenger Car 19?? Ex-SCL 765367. Scrapped.

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