Police Investigating Crashes at South Bend NS Crossing.

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Police Investigating Crashes at South Bend NS Crossing.

Unread postby Jochs » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:00 pm

Three trains were involved in car-train crashes at a crossing in a four hour period in South Bend recently. 1 train hit a vehicle stuck on Kankakee Trail and Grandview. 4 hours later, two trains hit another abandoned vehicle at the same crossing. The crossing was closed for construction, and apparently some people can't read and drove around the barricades and got stuck.

If you should ever find yourself stuck at a crossing, the first number you should call is NOT 911. Every crossing in the USA has a blue sign at it, when an ID number and a phone number. The first number you should call is the number on the blue sign. You will immediately be connected to someone. You then tell them your situation and the crossing ID. They can pinpoint exactly where you are, and, if possible, stop any trains approaching that crossing.
BTW, this was taken on 5/25/19, at the crossing on the High Wye in Durand, MI. (The access road to the depot.)
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Re: Police Investigating Crashes at South Bend NS Crossing.

Unread postby justalurker66 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:58 am

Unfortunately the people who drive across a closed crossing (ignoring big orange barricade signs) probably are not going to pay attention to tiny blue signs. :(
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