South Shore Train Hits SUV at Ogden Dunes.

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South Shore Train Hits SUV at Ogden Dunes.

Unread postby Jochs » Fri May 31, 2019 1:39 pm

Service on the South Shore line was suspended this morning after a train hit an SUV. The driver was cited for going around lowered gates.
More photos can be found on the Ogden Dunes Fire Dept. Facebook page. ... wc&__xts__[0]=68.ARB9zf2ppJ1QGSfnnAtAkPI6creQuX4GO1KJBjzGbceeWFdCgjdblbyxKxbUP-VjGfI_iBuRQd528dz8TOd3NopyLSqcL86anUTL1-BkkHJAhDlvvtjjThvuZEyyZmUEVDhRLxGqithgNQbLiFSujAJ-B0JevYIgP_vR2u9o_paK1qVRfFB_va3E1elgJ_6ITfG6nXKFjXaqveKucpx3zjdLLsI42777WgZkMzdCIPr6JDuOydd_EtTEj8vF4ZjufM7k0nmkX05IvNbbBkxFzt8Klohn9t_qkMGPiRqewplKHc2KY_sCzmkKfFWRYJpp3o268Utsh95wxo9N4RAN2NmKig
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Re: South Shore Train Hits SUV at Ogden Dunes.

Unread postby trainjunkie47 » Fri May 31, 2019 4:32 pm

Wait until NICTD sends him the bill. I hope the Ogden Dunes Fire Department bills him as well.
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