Looking for Michigan Shortline HO locomotives

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Looking for Michigan Shortline HO locomotives

Unread postby Mackinac Mac » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:09 pm

Looking for the following Michigan shortline locomotives. Will pay cash:

Atlas locomotives:
10000704 Lake State Railway C425 181
10000705 Lake State Railway C425 1280
10000229 Detroit & Mackinac C425 181
10000230 Detroit & Mackinac C425 1280
9388 Detroit & Mackinac C425 281
9389 Detroit & Mackinac C425 381
10000814 Central Michigan U23B 8903
10000815 Central Michigan U23B 8904
10000816 Central Michigan U23B 8905
10000843 Central Michigan U23B 8903 (with sound)
10000844 Central Michigan U23B 8904 (with sound)
10000845 Central Michigan U23B 8905 (with sound)
10001403 Central Michigan GP40-2W 9712
10001419 Central Michigan GP40-2W 9712 (with sound)
10001420 Huron and Eastern GP40-2W 9712 (with sound)

ATH96009 Tuscola & Saginaw Bay GP35 #389
ATH96010 Tuscola & Saginaw Bay GP35 #394

24094 Escanaba & Lake Superior RS-12 ELS 300
24097 Escanaba & Lake Superior RS-12 ELS 300 (with sound)

Custom painted locomotives:
Escanaba & Lake Superior GP38 #400
Detroit & Mackinac (various)
Lake State Railway (various)
Tuscola & Saginaw Bay (various)
Great Lakes Central (various)

Also looking for various Broadway Limited Imports Reserve Mining locomotives as well as all makes of Lake Superior and Ishpeming locomotives.

Michael Koprowicz
Email: ironmountainrailfan@yahoo.com

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Re: Looking for Michigan Shortline HO locomotives

Unread postby GrandTrunkFan » Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:01 pm

Great Lakes Hobby & Toy in Sterling Heights has both the HESR and CM versions of 9712 on the shelf as of last weekend
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Re: Looking for Michigan Shortline HO locomotives

Unread postby kd_1014 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:14 pm

Not sure if you are looking for Marquette Rail as well, but South Plains Trains has MQT SD40-2s in G&W paint as well as MQT 3001 in original MQT paint
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