Toledo & Western - Sylvania

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Toledo & Western - Sylvania

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Does anyone know of or have any photos of the Toledo & Western headquarters that once were housed in Sylvania, Ohio? I was tracing the line using Historic Aerials and did not realize that the underpass still exists where the Toledo & Western once ran underneath the New York Central. The topo maps show quite a bit of track activity at this underpass such as a loop.
Sylvania II.jpg
Topo Map Sylvania 1934
Topo Map Sylvania 1934

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Re: Toledo & Western - Sylvania

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There is a state historical marker on main street , in front of the grocery store parking lot.

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Re: Toledo & Western - Sylvania

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We can talk about that! My expertise is in interurbans and yes I can help you on this. My email is

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Re: Toledo & Western - Sylvania

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There is a book on Toledo trolleys by Hise and Pulhaj that has a picture of the T&W carbarn which may have been their hq. It's now Suatter's Market, which we go to at least weekly. I got to ride on the last trolley Lakeside - Marblehead & return 1939. A question is was there a connection from T&W just to the North there to the NYC?
The NYC was the first RR West of the Alleghenys when it went from around the Toledo train station to Adrian around 1835. The second was the MR & LE from Sandusky to Bellevue a year or so later. The Old Road LS & MS through Norwalk, Fremont, Toledo, Adrian, Hillsdale, Sturgis, and Elkhart was the main line NY to Chi until the Airline NYC route just before WW I. Approximate dates. But you probably already have known all this for years.
The trolley book by Hise and Pulhaj also shows a long string of boxcars on Alexis ready to cross Monroe going West with Willys Overland cars.
I grew up in Lakeside next to the L&M tracks, got to help the section gang starting at age 8, helping pound the tubes inside the fireboxes starting at 11. Got many rides to school. Great experiences, few can experience that now. Grandfather Otis Wonnell fired on the LS&MS Tol-Cle 1882-1886, engineer to Elkhart from then to 1916. Disabled.

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