PM/C&O/CSX ops

Any historical questions can be posted here. Answers would certainly help as well :)
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PM/C&O/CSX ops

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Does anyone have any information regarding the operations of the PM/C&O? I'm looking for things like what trains they ran and infrastructure they had (which may or may not still be around). I'm particularly interested in info from SE Michigan, but info from other places is fine. I know it's a really broad question, but any and all info about this is welcome, and it could relate to PM, C&O, Chessie, or CSX from past years.

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Re: PM/C&O/CSX ops

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Check out the History board on the site. It's not quite like this site with everything archived, but there's a guy who posts every so often who worked for the C&O in agency and dispatcher(?) positions through his career. Dale's been approving memberships again on a monthly or so basis, so if there's something specific you're looking for, applying for a membership then posting your question(s) might be one way to find out the information you're looking for.

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Re: PM/C&O/CSX ops

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Doug H has been uploading little stories to this site about how the PM/C&O ran when he dispatched out of Saginaw, worth the read.

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Re: PM/C&O/CSX ops

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For PM and C&O, the easiest solution is to pick up a few employee timetables, which will list stations, scheduled trains, and operating rules. For infrastructure, you can look up Sanborn fire maps, which are often available digitally through public or university libraries.
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Re: PM/C&O/CSX ops

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C&OHS some time ago published a "Pere Marquette in 1945", which was an amplified version of a PM publication geared for freight customers. Lists sidings, businesses, types of traffic, trackage rights, etc.

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