UP Railroad Presentation

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UP Railroad Presentation

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The Marquette Regional History Center has scheduled a presentation about the Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad. The program is focused on current operations.

The Yardmaster: A Working Railroad of Today
Wednesday, February 9, 6:30 p.m.
Join us for a presentation by Anne and Tony Erspamer to get a look at what work on the railroad leading to the LS&I ore dock at Upper Harbor is like. You have seen an ore boat load from shore, but how does the ore get to the dock? What steps are involved in coordinating shipment from the mine to the yard, and then to the dock? Tony held this job of a yardmaster, and Anne has written a children’s book about this fascinating work. Join us to learn more from this first hand perspective. $5 suggested donation.
This is also the date of our new special exhibit opening! Join us at 5:00 to meet the Curator in the gallery to view Railroads of Marquette County: Yesterday and Today​.


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Re: UP Railroad Presentation

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Thank you for posting. I wonder if I can persuade Mrs. AARR to go on a little road trip. 8)
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