B&OCT History Book Available

Any historical questions can be posted here. Answers would certainly help as well :)
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B&OCT History Book Available

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David Leider has finished his book on the history of the B&OCT. Here is a link too the page with a description of the book and ordering instructions. I'm just passing this along....

http://boctbook.dhke.com/?fbclid=IwAR0T ... I-qFlqoQfE
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Re: B&OCT History Book Available

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I have to question the proof reading skills of someone who can't spell the name of the road that replaced the B&OCT. If putting those 3 letters was that hard, what else was missed?

Now, if that is a subtle shot at "super chief" Dunbar, bravo! I will order a book the minute it is confirmed that it was.

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