Steel Rails Vol 3 No 15 Amtrak P371 to Chicago 1994

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Steel Rails Vol 3 No 15 Amtrak P371 to Chicago 1994

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I have uploaded several more videos in the Steel Rails series. The most recent is:
Steel Rails Vol 3 No 15 Amtrak P371 to Chicago 1994

In this video we take a ride on Amtrak P371 from Grand Rapids Michigan to Chicago Illinois.
We see P371 backing out of CSX's Wyoming Yard for the morning departure.
Scenes from the train include:
Wyoming yard
Holland Station Stop
Bangor Station Stop
Benton Harbor and St Joe Including over the swing bridge and station stop

Looking out the rear door:
While passing New Buffalo Including under the coal Tower and past the yard now used for storage
Entering Conrail tracks at Porter
Passing an IHB freight near Burns Harbor
Passing a Conrail container train
Crossing the Chicago Canal

Passing the Amtrak Shops South of Union Station
Looking out the rear door of the track work leading to Union Station

This series of videos was made to promote the Grand Rapids Model Railroad Club in Grand Rapids Michigan starting in 1992

We have about 48 episodes in the Steel Rail Series covering a variety of Railroad subject within a one day drive of Grand Rapids MI. Like and Subscribe to be notified of new uploads
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