Hell has froze over.....Trnwatcher Films is online!

Any historical questions can be posted here. Answers would certainly help as well :)
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Hell has froze over.....Trnwatcher Films is online!

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I finally have been able to start uploading some of my old VHS recordings to YouTube. This is a work in progress so be kind on the comments. The vast majority of this footage was shot in and around Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. There will be some footage from Illinois, Kentucky, West (By God) Virginia anda few other states. I have several dozen hours or footage so I will be putting up "the best of" to start.

I would like to thank Saturnalia for his help with questions and issues especially with YouTube. I would also like to thank Steamlogger for his suggestions on video capture devices and editing software.

Finally I would like to give huge credit to my late father, Paul Shick who not only turned me into a railfan as a kid but spent countless hours driving us up and down back roads, highways and two tracks chasing these trains while I shot this video. On some of these videos you will get to hear his "commentary". Thanks Dad...and yes I will be posting "effing coal trains"!

I hope you enjoy this trip back in time and please follow me on my YouTube Channel to catch the latest releases. I will try and put notifcations on this thread as long as ~Z~ doesn't tell me to drive around!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... _L-FCP49aF
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Re: Hell has froze over.....Trnwatcher Films is online!

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just watched "1993 plymouth sub trains" . Nice!
looking forward to more uploads.(especially Plymouth area videos) Thanks for sharing these!

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