Thompsonville Michigan Interchange

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Thompsonville Michigan Interchange

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Looking for info on how the Ann Arbor and C&O handled the interchange back in the late 60's. Did locals do the work or was it the road train
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Re: Thompsonville Michigan Interchange

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In the 60's AA had a local that operated between Elberta (Frankfort) Boat Landing and Cadillac as needed.

By the 60's the Cadillac Yard job had been abolished so most of the locals traffic was for Cadillac so that the over night road train wouldn't have to stop in Cadillac on its way south to Toledo. Usually the Cadillac Turn would operate after the yard job had finished switching the morning ferries. One of the RS1's was often the power but I'm sure every engine type (including the switchers) took a turn or two.

IIRC they had an agreement that the road crew, who was on their rest from the night train, to operate the local. I don't recall why the road crew was used as opposed to a separate local crew.
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