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GTW at New Haven, MI in the 1960's

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:44 pm
This is a post by Chessie Dispatcher at Photograph by Mark Hinsdale.

Unfortunately despite months of trying I still haven't heard back from that boards Administrator to be able to post on their board.

A couple notes about the picture:
- That's a GP18 delivered in its original colors in 1960
- The "Richmond Local" originated at Detroit East Yard and worked as far as Richmond although in the 1960's they usually turned at New Haven.
- There was a foundry in New Haven that was switched six days per week with about 10 cars per switch. 6 cars of scrap and two cars each of coke and sand. Most of the cars in the picture are from the foundry. It looks like they're running around their train to head back to Detroit.

If Man o' War sees this thread I know he'll be able to add to it. There's a couple other fella's that will appreciate this picture too.
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Re: GTW at New Haven, MI in the 1960's

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:05 pm
by Man o' War
First - what a beautiful photo by Mr. Hinsdale ! Interesting about the 4700's, some of them had the Maple Leaf logo on the front and some did not. Maybe someone here could elaborate on that. Looks kind of barren without it. Nevertheless, what a beauty.

With regard to the work of the local at that time, AARR is spot on. I think they ventured to Richmond more often than not however, as there was still plenty of business up that way, particularly in the early 1960's. The elevator was still busy with grain hoppers in the fall, and couple of times a week well into the late 60's they still worked up to Colombus (that little elevator was still responsible for a car or two per week in the autumn) and the clay pit at Smith's Creek was cranking out loads in gondolas yet. Did a fine job of losing every single bit of business north of Chesterfield (not entirely GTW's fault) since that photo was taken.

The picture does conjure many a good memory, as the MTC sub seemed to hold onto its steam era personality much longer than most other Michigan divisions. Depots, active towers and freight houses still peppered the line into the 1980's - and still many active customers. Late 20th and early 21st century scorched earth policies have rendered that scene vacant of any charm, save for the depot and Purina checkerboard elevator. A different and much more interesting time, to be sure.

Glad I found this thread, Don !

Man o' War

Re: GTW at New Haven, MI in the 1960's

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:44 pm
Much of what I've learned about the Mt. Clemens Sub pre-1975 I've learned from you 8)
Man o' War wrote:Glad I found this thread, Don !

Man o' War