Fuller Jct derailment back in the day

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Fuller Jct derailment back in the day

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I remember seeing a photo of a C&O BL2 and GTW steam locomotive crashed at Fuller but can't seem to find it. Does anyone have the picture?
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Re: Fuller Jct derailment back in the day

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BL2-GTW accident.JPG
The pictures are on page 437 of Charley Foss's book "Evening Before the Diesel". The accident happened on Feb 7, 1954, when a GTW 2-8-2 didn't see that the crossing was lined for the C&O freight, entered the crossing and was broadsided by southbound C&O BL2 #82. The mike got the worst of the deal. There is also a picture of the damaged BL-2 on pg 27 of "Chesapeake & Ohio BL2 Diesels." I wouldn't be surprised if there would be a picture in the GR Press on that date or the next. Might check their archives. KJN

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