Steel Rails Vol 2 No 5 & 6 Now Posted

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Steel Rails Vol 2 No 5 & 6 Now Posted

Unread postby Steamlogger » Fri May 03, 2019 8:17 pm

I uploaded two more videos in the Steel Rail Series Steel Rails Vol 2 No 5 Logging Demonstration at Cass VW
See how logs were loaded on flat cars. Also Lumber jack chainsaw and axe demonstrations. Steel Rails Vol 2 No 6 Amtrak X2000 Demonstrator
Ride from Kalamazoo to Chicago aboard the X2000. We visit the cab car and see the engineer.
This one has also a cameo of the producers of Steel Rails from many moons ago. As rail fans not expecting to ride the train were quite under dressed compared to the many "important" people on the train.
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