CSX Train Q308 In Grand Rapids

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CSX Train Q308 In Grand Rapids

Unread postby BL2-1843 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 5:20 pm

Am hoping to uncover where CSX train Q308 operated to and from which come into, or through Grand Rapids for a short period between June 3rd and July 20th, 2004. A little history here in this time period. This was only a short time prior to when Soo-CP left CSX in Michigan for NS in late 2005. Prior to these Q308 trains, CSX started running a Grand Rapids To Avon Yard Indiana train called Q337 from GRP To Avon, and Q338 from Avon to Grand Rapids. These train started on 6-18-03. On 5-9-04, CSX added trains Q328 & Q329 (not the ones currently running) between GRP and Saginaw. This train ran six days a week, To Saginaw one day, and back to GRP the next.

Regarding Q308, even though it ran for only six weeks, it also included many second section 308 trains called S308. It is these trains that I want to know where they came from, and went to before and after leaving Grand Rapids. What is ironic here, that all three of these trains, Q337 & 338, Q325 & Q328, and these Q308 and S308 trains were all taken off and removed on the very same day on July 20, 2004.
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Re: CSX Train Q308 In Grand Rapids

Unread postby Doktor No » Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:08 pm

It all had to do with the closure of Stanley Hump. Which they reopened. They gave the switching to us here at Wyoming which was rather overwhelming. 337 ran from Flint to GRP and then east again to Plymouth/Indy. Kinda dumb but it's their world...gee I forgot all about the other stuff. We had a job that just put power on and pre departure airtested everything so the outbound crew pretty much jumped on and left. It worked for the most part just fine...I even got to hold the power placement job for awhile till a moron that had more seniority then I did took it. C'est la vie. I think the 308 stuff came direct from Clearing. Got to see the Midland traffic again for awhile...the fumed silica cars for Elizabethtown KY and such...
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