Wigwags in Michigan

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Re: Wigwags in Michigan

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GP30M4216 wrote:The GTW did like wig wags, but the one in the park in Grand Haven is off the C&O/PM:
Grand Haven wig wag-1.jpg
Grand Haven wig wag-2A.jpg
Summary: Model 5 Autoflag Wig Wag Signal. This signal was installed at the Pennoyer Street crossing in Grand Haven in the 1920s by the Pere Marquette Railroad. It was replaced by more modern signals in 1978. The signal is now electronically activated and operates for one minute on the hour between 9am and 9pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Has anyone ever seen this one-minute activation take place?
That sign is old and out of date. Apparently people got tired of listening to it ring day in and day out. The only time that signal operates is during an open house on every hour if I recall. The 1223 historical society got the thing working again about 2 or 3 years ago. I have footage of it in operation.
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