C&LC Pulpwood

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C&LC Pulpwood

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Posted by Alex Huff on 4/5/2015, 9:50 pm, in reply to KC's "Re: kalkaska pulpwood back in 1969"
Spoke to Joe Rogers about the pulpwood routing to Muskegon. The C&LC owned five ex-GTW single sheathed, steel framed with wood sides 50' boxcars sans roofs for this service to S. D. Warren. Traffic moved PRR-Fuller Jct (Grand Rapids)-GTW to Muskegon. PRR had a few modified cars in this low revenue service. One was a steel gon sandwich. The floor had been removed from a car, the sides and ends flipped upside down and then welded to a matching gon. Another experiment involved adding bulkheads to the end of a gon. The second example ping-ponged between the C&LC and a shipper on the PRR as origin loaders. The car was too heavy, reducing the effective load capacity so the experiment was not repeated according to Joe. The CLK's five cars had been originally built for handling automobiles. Chain tie downs were were stored in vertical pipes about two feet long which were inserted even with the floor. Definitely a "What is that?" for the modeling fraternity. The cars were retired by the CLK when their cast iron wheels were outlawed in interchange by the ICC. That would have been circa 1971.
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