Offset domes on dome cars

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Offset domes on dome cars

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We just picked up a model of a via rail dome car, and have ridden in a couple across Canada, and looking at the design of the cars a question popped into my head. Why were they designed offset? A couple reasons I could think of were for some reason it could be more aerodynamic to have the dome offset, the weight would be in a better position on the frame, it left more room for electrical on one side of the car, or it just looks better. I may have answered my own questions or I could be off base. Either way I'm interested to learn more about dome cars as they are very fascinating to me and fun to ride in.

Here is Yoho park on Via #1, this done was also the park car used on the first westbound trip of the Canadian.

ImageVia Rail Tail Car Yoho Park by Michigan Central Lines, on Flickr
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Re: Offset domes on dome cars

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Interior in: how the inside is layed out: as in where are the bedrooms, or the lounges or the diner section...or whatever.
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