New North Yard, NYC

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New North Yard, NYC

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I was looking at some stuff about the railroads of Toledo and noticed on the Trains map of the Toledo Terminal, it lists a New North Yard for the New York Central. this yard appears to have run from just east of Hallet north northeast to near where the NYC lines would have met. Did this yard ever actually get built? I see no sign of this yard being in place on the Google Images and sat views. This was likely to replaced the old North Yard which was located where the Jeep Plant currently sits near Ottaw Yard (AA).

Something else I am wondering is why would the GTW have held ownership in the Toledo terminal (prior to its purchase by the C&O in 1947). The GTW didn't gain direct access to Toledo until the early 1980's when they purchased the DT&I (access via trackage rights on the AA), and the D&TSL (which they held an interest in previously).

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Re: New North Yard, NYC

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The first stage of the yard was built, the West side of the yard was not, nor was the engine house and water and coaling. Hallet tower had many interchange railroad connections to handle, the west yard had as many planned for it.

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