Did anyone see the Northern lights?

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Re: Did anyone see the Northern lights?

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shoot! you should have let us know this earlier...do you know if the show is still going on? supposed to be clear the next couple of nights..with me getting out of work at 3am, i hope to see it if it's going on. Very nice catch..they look like pictures i see on professional websites, nice!
Railroad photos on Railroadfan.com

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I think they are over with for the time being.
Here are a couple links if you are interested.


http://www.spaceweather.gc.ca/myservlet ... main_e.jsp

I have other links if you want more let me know.
I saw a small show sunday night and went to bed early. Almost missed the big one weds. I saw a small show around 11:00 p.m. on tues but the forcast was for a bigger one. i had given up at 2:00 a.m. weds took one last look out my bedroom window and saw somthing happening. Woke the kids up and was treated to a one hour show with all colors and flashes of light. I will post a heads up next time the is a chance for one.
Scott B.

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Them are some very cool pictures Scooter :o I think it was cloudy over on this part of the state.

Here's a few from RailPictures and JetPhotos.Net I found.
MQT Rail pictures at [url=http://bbarch_railfan.rrpicturearchives.net/default.aspx]RRPictureArchives.NET[/url]

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I saw them Sunday night, 07 Nov.

I went to Carleton about 2300 to look for any sign of life on the railroad there; saw nothing so I started heading back home. As I passed New Boston, I saw what appeared to be a tornado in the sky. I pulled over, then I realized what it was I saw.

I didn't see any of the moving or any of that -- it was just a green curtain-looking displayin the sky.

After midnight, the sky toward the northeast brightened considerably -- it almost looked like very early sunrise toward the northeast.

I missed the Tuesday-Wednesday display, though; I'm sure there will be other shots at it, though.


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we saw them from the train the last week.were cool!!
i may have pix?
i forget..12 hrs a day..whooose!!!

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Hey, I saw them! They were cool!
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