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Rail Fan "GTG's" ? And A Trip To Steam Town

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:08 am
by afleetcommand
Just wondering if there is any or enough interest to have rail fans get together and share time & experiences. I've done that for decades with off road motorcycles, now with the folks in the logging & chainsaw community. Some may know that my entire YouTube channel sprung from those "GTG" activities. I understand it a completely different world and venue.

I know this concept comes and goes, clubs form and dissolve. But this trip stoked similar fires with me to try a different approach for a variety of reasons. First....the history of this nation is so intertwined with coal, the coal industry, and the transportation system that USED that coal but also delivered coal around the country to power everything from shipping to power plants. It's important for folks to know where we actually came from. History is a great education. Just the technology that was developed and built the foundation of the infrastructure that is this nation in part came from those early rail road enterprises. And I think what MOST important is the "spirit" that enabled those people in that time with those tools and technology is lost on this current how is this related to gtg's? Because if we talk about this and our enthusiasm is real that is infectious. Makes it fun for us but also "ok" for others to join in the interest, infact as with the chainsaw thing did, encourages folks to get involved. And maybe through our experiences some of this inspires more to take a look at this history, not through the "lens" of today's cultivated interpretation, or some stuffy lecture; but just raw data and tangible things.

I understand those in the industry will have a tougher time accepting a bunch of hobby types. I have the same issue with the chainsaw world, and did with the motorcycle world before that ( racer vs. trail rider ). BUT that didn't stop us and really allowed others to learn about and experience things previously un-available. But more importantly radically growing skill sets and sharing their experience with others was both what was accomplished and was a goal. And with this place and subject, it really is so much more than just about trains. Or the technology. Even the interaction with the building of a nation. It's about what people are willing and capable of accomplishing with the right approach to life. A shocking change as compared to folks who have grown up WITH all those things in place to support a life style. I'm rambling. But here is a video I took walking around Steam Town is Scranton PA. And now a day later it's just beginning to sink in the profound nature of those times and accomplishments juxtaposed to how my kids have been taught about American history...this stuff is left out. A lot of our history is lost. Maybe places like this can help get folks interested with a slight "twist" on the presentation of what it is and what can be learned. JUST a thought. Before headed out for a day in the excavator...:(

Re: Rail Fan "GTG's" ? And A Trip To Steam Town

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:27 pm
by trnwatcher
The meets we have a couple of times a year is always a good place to meet other railfans, exchange stories and the like. We will be in Durand on Saturday May 25. Come on out and join the festivities.

Re: Rail Fan "GTG's" ? And A Trip To Steam Town

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 6:08 am
by afleetcommand
Sounds like there might be one at Steam Town May 18th? Any one have more info?