Stolen Crossbucks

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Stolen Crossbucks

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Crossbucks were stolen off the crossing signal at the Musketawa Trail trail head in Marne this past fall/winter. Any tips or information would be appreciated. Send me a personal message or email to Thanks!


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Re: Stolen Crossbucks

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That is a shame coming off what is essentially a public park. Maybe you could fabricate some replacements or ask one of the railroads to donate a set. Might be worth a try, just show them the photo.

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Re: Stolen Crossbucks

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I'm selling an entire set up on Lego. Bell and flashers work. I'm not selling the controller I built though. You gotta build your own.

Check out what I'm selling on letgo!

admin edit: removed the posting as the link is to a random collection of things from all over Michigan for sale - mostly all non railroad items

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Re: Stolen Crossbucks

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I just bought a miter saw. I could make you a new set of crossbucks. :D

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