Any HAMs, can you clarify something about APRS?

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Any HAMs, can you clarify something about APRS?

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Alright, I'm pretty new to amateur radio in general. Since daylight train traffic is very low at this time, I began looking around for other things I can use a scanner for. Looked at aviation, police/fire, etc... Now I'm looking at amateur radio a little to pass the time.

I don't have a license or a callsign or anything, no equipment capable of transmitting either. I do have soundmodem, so I am currently looking at everything coming in over 144.39 at AFSK AX.25 1200bd.

Assuming my small bit of knowledge about APRS correct, is it theoretically possible that somebody here could send me a test message, even though I would be unable to reply? Something along the lines of "for J3RSDM5" in the message body. I can hear CHLSEA and WIXOM. (Digipeaters?) I'll be able to listen for the next few hours. Let know if something needs to be clarified or if I got something wrong.
Thanks so much!

18:39 I've had to stop monitoring for now, but do let me know whenever anyone can send me something, I've subscribed this thread so I'll be ready if anyone wants to.
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