Riding Tank Cars

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Riding Tank Cars

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So I have heard more than one NS conductor say that they can not ride tank cars? Is this really true and if so why? And how can they do that, some industries require shove moves that could be upwards of a mile or more. Do NS conductors just have to walk the whole way?

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Re: Riding Tank Cars

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Up until a few months ago you couldn't ride a tank car during a shove move on CSX unless it was one of the newer ones with 2 vertical grab irons at each end. Now you can, one of the rules Hunter did away with. Before you could only ride them if they were the last car during a trailing move. If you had to shove, you either had to walk ahead of the train, stop and wait for it to get to you then walk ahead again, or ride the car behind it (assuming it wasn't a tank).
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Re: Riding Tank Cars

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The rules change to suit the carriers ( railroad ) needs. When it's bad for the them ( not the employees ) they try to do away with them. When the FRA cracks down on them , they go overboard with the rules and want to hang everyone.

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