Google Earth Oddity

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Google Earth Oddity

Unread post by Pixl »

While hunting around for Michael's last location I ran across this... The drawbridge that carries W.Fort St. over the Rouge River near Melvindale appears to be under reconstruction. Even though the steel decks are gone, cars can be seen magically flying through the air crossing the river!


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Re: Google Earth Oddity

Unread post by Sean N »

Like something out of the Dukes of Hazard

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Re: Google Earth Oddity

Unread post by Trainman2223 »

Fort Street bridge reopens after 2 1/2 years of reconstruction: ... 495326.txt
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Re: Google Earth Oddity

Unread post by M.D.Bentley »

Yup. They had a OFFICIAL opening day. AND then kept closing it for more work. The original lift motor was way under power to lift the span ( how many years for a engineering degree ? ) Still finding it closed for vehicle traffic ( no boats either ), but not as often.

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Re: Google Earth Oddity

Unread post by ConrailDetr​oit »

The Jefferson Bridge should be reopening soon, hopefully.

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Re: Google Earth Oddity

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"Ask your doctor if medical advice from a TV commercial is right for you".

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