The Masters Was AWESOME!

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The Masters Was AWESOME!

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holy cow that was incredible. about as incredible as john daly predicting danny willett to win it on the dan patrick show.

danny willett deserves a lot of credit for shooting a 67 without any bogeys to win the masters! love his ball flight. this guy can win anywhere, and as an american golf fan, we will be seeing this guy squaring off against the us ryder cup team for many years to come.

jordan spieth choked. he got away with a lot all week with his swing. his putter bailed him out way too much. he got very technical with things and i think he needs to go back to being more of a feel player. as for the people on social media getting after him for what happened in butler cabin when he had to put the green jacket on danny willett, how would you react after you lost quite possibly the biggest golf tournament in the world?

dustin johnson will never win a major unless he gets every break in the world. he truly is the jay cutler of professional golf. all the talent in the world but cannot handle the big moment.

rory mcilroy has to wonder is putting cross handed really the answer?

if the masters was only played on the front 9, jason day would have won it. he struggled on the back 9 all week and that was why he didn't win the masters.

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Re: The Masters Was AWESOME!

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I've been in a few epic collapses.

I was on an undefeated slow pitch soft ball team averaging 15+ runs per game with an average run differential of 8ish per game. We were playing a winless team who hadn't scored more than 7 runs in a game all season. They beat us 13-7 :o :shock: .

On the other hand my senior year in HS the number one rated basketball team in the county beat us the first game of the year 88-44 (something like that). We went on to win maybe 5 games (out of 20) while they won 18-19. In the first game of the state playoffs we beat them 54-51 (something like that). No, we weren't that good and they weren't that bad. The next game we got spanked and were out of the playoffs.

These aren't exact duplicates of what happened to Jordan Spieth but they were epic in the sense that the most unbelievable outcome happened.
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