Small gallery update

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Small gallery update

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I changed a couple things with the photo gallery. As you may or may not have noticed, there is now a POWT (photo of the week) up in the upper left hand corner. I'll try to change it weekly to a user's photo. If you click the photo itself, it'll bring up the full size image for the photo and it's description.

Secondly, photos that are uploaded above 1024 pixels wide or tall, they have been automatically resized to no more than 1024 pixels wide or tall. I had left the original on the gallery as well, so if you clicked on the picture, it would bring up the much larger original photo. I've changed it now so that the original large picture is removed. I just have to manually go album by album to change all photos in the album. If you upload large photos, that's fine, just be aware it'll be resized later to fit on the site better.
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Something that i think should have been noted, so I will do so now, is the fact that Zacks changing the size of your pics because, as was the case last night, users are running out of room in their photo galleries.

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