Photo gallery uploading help and album building help

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Photo gallery uploading help and album building help

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In the past i've noticed our members still using the "user sub" file to upload there photos. this is due I believe to the fact many people are still unaware that they can take 5 minutes and build their own seperate files called albums. Here below is a PM I sent to one of our new members attemping to describe how to upload and build their own albums.

(please take note that replys will be turned off for this and if you need further help, you are asked to contact myself or railroadfan and one of us will ssist you as we recieve your PM's)

Hiya, welcome to the site. I want to take a sec to help you build your own albums. When you upload pics, theres a pull down menu to use to chose which gally you want to put your picture. Your current one is in the "User sub" file because you do not have a album of your own yet. You may create as many albums as you like also. so, bare with me as i try to walk you through the album creating process. When you click on the photo gallery link,, it should take you to a page that lists many different galleries. At the top of the box it says "CREATE OR ORDER MY ALBUMS" click that. it takes you to a new screen with a box that will eventually list all your albums. go ahead the CLICK NEW AT THE BOTTOM. then highlight the name in the box titled NEW ALBUM and type in what you want the album to be called. then hit APPLY MODIFICATIONS. You may now upload pics into your own album and do with them as you please and not have to search our "user sub file" for your pics everytime you want them. We have hundreads of pics added each month and it becomes a pain to have everything in the user sub file. This is why i'm urging you to build your own albums

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