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R Bedell
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I have looked but I can't seem to find this.:(

Can someone enlighten me to what happened to Forum:
Picture of the Day/Week/Month/Year

I have sent an E-mail into the Admin and have not received an answer.


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Look at the User Voted Best Pictures in the upper left hand corner. You can click on the pictures at that site and vote by rating the pictures 1-5. Each picture keeps a running tab of the average score.

It doesn't seem to receive as much activity as when Scott was running the friendly competition. Scott's contest would typically get 20-25 voters.

The way it's set up know I don't think I've seen one picture with more than three or four voters.

I've also said something to everyone but am not aware of any feedback.

That's ok though, I'm sure it was a lot of work for Scott and he may not be able to devote it anymore. So this may be Zack's way of keeping the program going with minimal time.
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First off, thanks for the interest in the photo gallery and the voting process. Next week (June 30th-July 4th), I am going to make some changing to that whole voting process.
The old format where Scott had to manually pick photos from the gallery and then make a thread with each photo was quite time consuming. I wanted to make a newer system that took some of that load off of Scott. Another reason for the change was that when this site got move to the new server, we lost lots of our storage space, so there just isn't room to put tons of photos in the photo gallery. Each member is now limited to 100 MB of storage space, so that has caused a decrease in the number of photos submitted.
Plan is to have people vote on ANY of the photos that are submitted to the gallery, instead of just ones in the User Voted Best Pictures area. I'll let you all know when this change is done next week.
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I had wondered the same thing, Zack; I missed having the chance to vote on the Photo of the Day. I usually found a great photo there that I would use for the background on my computer screen, often changing it several times a week. I did the same with my two computers in my classroom, the kids loved to see what new 'train' photos I would bring to class. Hope there is a way to bring back the similar variety, doesn't seem to be that much at the moment with the current format, or the opportunity to choose daily. Just my $.02 worth.


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