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Website downtime

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Been experiencing quite a few problems with the website as of the last few weeks. Seem to be getting SQL errors quite often on the message board and gallery...this is usually due to high traffic not only on this site, but the server that my site is hosted on. The site was down last night for at least an hour due to the server malfunctioning. In case I hadn't explained it before, the website is hosted by on a server down in Georgia. The server itself has a number of other people's websites on it as well, so that's what keeps the costs down. To run the site on it's own servers would cost at least $100 a month, but probably more than that due to how much this is used. I'm considering changing hosts to another shared plan, but unsure of whom. I've been in talks with my current host many times, but get very little feedback from them as to what's actually going wrong.
Also, my email seems to be malfunctioning as well. Please email me at in the mean time if you have any questions.
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Thanks for all your efforts in keeping up this great site, Zack.
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