Great Forum site......WITHOUT the BS that comes with others

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Great Forum site......WITHOUT the BS that comes with others

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Zack, Thank YOU for hosting a RAILFAN message board that is FRIENDLY to REAL railfans.... I have posted many "heads up" items on the OLD Michigan shortlines board only to be "beat down" and made fun of by other posters who "think" THEY are God's gift to Railfanning! I have posted the SAME information on your site and have got many compliments!!! ALL of Bruce's "Head Up" material comes from THREE Norfolk Southern Friends who happen to have NEXTEL phone service! Information that I give out could be "saved" for ONLY myself if I want...Information from me is almost 95% accurate and I feel I should share it if I can......

I like this message board because YOU "know" who is posting things............I visited Michigan board tonight and found ONE POSTER had posted 3 times under THREE different names.....I myself will NEVER post at that message board again.

Zack, This site is kinda weird to figure out at first.....but, after a few weeks.......It's not so bad. MAYBE us West Michigan people on this site should have a railfan day together?
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Both Zack and i know who train historian is and we have had to deal with him ourselves. He likes to stir up trouble on the websites. Though I am not from the west side of the state, I am however a huge part of this site and agree a railfan gathering for this site should be a must. Though its kind of late in the year for me, its never out of the question.

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Hey Bruce,
Thanks a lot on the all the heads-up you post. Especially the one on the circus train the other day. When I saw it, I considered going over to Elkhart to see if it was still around or not, but decided against it. But if you hadn't posted about it, I never would've known when it was through here (mishawaka, In). So thanks a lot for that and all the other information you've passed on. It is much appreciated.

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