SPAM! and VIP codes

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SPAM! and VIP codes

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I've added a new spam killing technique...or at least I hope it'll help. For new users, when you go to register, the page will ask the usual info(username, email address, password) but now will also ask for a VIP code. It says right on the page what the code is, currently set to 27.
The bots that keep registering for this site probably don't read anything on that page, and will reject their new user account, so we'll see if this helps at all. If they keep signing up, I'll move the VIP code to somewhere else on the site, and see if that helps. Lately, they've been bombarding me with new registrations, usually around 20 new users per day. Deleting them is just a waste of my time, so hopefully this will help. Let me know if anyone contacts you, saying that they can't register for the site... I did a test account, and that went through fine.
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Thanks for an idea. I'm one of the administrators of the Cessna Pilots forum, and we have been getting some strange requests for membership. I'll put some type of code on a signup page to help eliminate that.

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Sad what lengths one has to go to in order to keep a site trash and spam free. Thanks for the good job Zack.

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