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MSN LSRC site Note

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I'm posting this here for all to see as I have gained permission from Zack to link our sites together (I use his site for pics) and because many of ya'll here are members at my MSN group too.

I seem to be having a slight problem with a person or two posting other peoples pictures without permission. I just found one of my own he posted on this site that he hadn't asked me to do so, and if that person had looked, he'd have found it is already on this site. I think it goes without saying that its only common curtasy to request permission before using other peoples photos. I have done so for you when I would like to use one or two, and I think its only fair that everyone else does the same. I enjoy seeing other peoples photos, and truthfully I don't care if someone uses my pictures just as long as they ask, but thats not always the case for other people. Some people out there might just say "no you can't" and thats their option. I never thought i'd ever have to bring this up but I guess I need to. Please post only Your pictures on the site, unless you have recieved permission from the owner.

On a lighter note, the LSRC/SBS is doing extencive work on the former CSX lines to bay city and hopefully they'll look as good as they did when csx had them. Speaking of LSRC, they're headed my direction now as I can head the horns. I hope everyone is well and lets keep finding the trains.

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