Online Grand Rapids scanner feed

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Online Grand Rapids scanner feed

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Well, work is finally starting.... Here's what's been accomplished so far.

Got a spare desktop PC reformatted and loaded with Win XP
Installed the Shoutcast Server.
Installed WinAmp along with plugins for Winamp for the Shoutcast server.
Set up a dynamic account to relay an address to my IP here at home.

Ran some tests, and that's all working, so for now, I can play mp3's and such, and stream them online.
Right now, the desktop is hooked up wirelessly, but I'll probably put an ethernet card in this old beast for a more reliable connection.
So this desktop PC will be dedicated to only running the online scanner.

To do list:
Purchase base station scanner with headphone output.
Purchase outdoor antenna, mounts, and coax.
Decide just where to mount it, and where to keep the PC at...
Get the links on this site, and start streaming the online feed!

I'll let you all know as work progresses...
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i can hardly wait. now i can chase westbound trains!!!!
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