Pic of the Day/Week/Month/Year Forum created

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Pic of the Day/Week/Month/Year Forum created

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Added a new forum for the pics of the day/week/month/year for all of the threads that were in the off subject area. The hope is that this will keep all of these polls together so that it's easier to work on the weekly/monthly/yearly polls instead of scrolling through the off subject area for them.
I've elected Scott as a moderator of just this section to give him better control of his postings in there. Scott made the 2nd account on this message board, joining the same day that I created the board itself. He's also currently second in total posts.....
anyway, I hope to see people continuing to vote on the polls.. It's a great way to showcase the member's photos in the gallery.
I'm hoping to find a way to let members pic what picture they would like to be shown in the photo of the day, but this is the first step towards that.
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Why not when we upload them just type "Please put in photo of the day" in the description?
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Conrail Jon wrote:Why not when we upload them just type "Please put in photo of the day" in the description?
Might be hard on the person setting up the poll, especially since they'd have to scroll through all of the shots uploaded that day to see which shots were requested for PoTD...

Zack- if all else fails, could you set up a folder in the photo section for photo of the day submissions? Maybe clear out the losers periodically to make it easier to see what's there and what's not...

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