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Re: Website stats

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~Z~ wrote:Update for June 2013:

Unique Visitors: 31906
Number of Visits: 109958
Pages: 5,083,105
Hits: 7,812,366
Bandwidth used: 64.89 GB
Wow 8)

Unique Visitors: Up 544%
Number of Visits: Up 629%
Pages: Up 1435%
Hits: Up 366%
Bandwidth used: Up 160%
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Re: Website stats

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Update for June 2020:

Unique Visitors: 24557
Number of Visits: 90754
Pages: 2,317,715
Hits: 2,939,543
Bandwidth used: 73.93 GB
Expected a reduction with the advent of vaguebook.. not too shabby still - glad people are still contributing here.
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