App for phones?

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App for phones?

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Hey Z, would it be too much work to make an app for rrfan? I always thought it would look really good in my "Railroading" apps section lolz :lol: :lol:
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Re: App for phones?

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It could be done, But it's one or thing to have to worry about on ~Z~'s end. Unless Railroadfan got known in more states and by far more railfans, It wouldn't be worth attempting.
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Re: App for phones?

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Is it even worth making an app for something like this anymore? Seems like many social media platforms have been phasing out their apps lately in favor of browser-based hosting instead.
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Re: App for phones?

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Right-o. I updated the message board software, and it seems to load a lot better on mobile phones than the version did in 2019. Not planning to make an app for the site, but thanks for the suggestion.
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