Website Statistics - October 2006

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Website Statistics - October 2006

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Just to keep you guys updated in case you ever wondered just how busy this place has become... March was the busiest month overall yet... Here's some stats:

Mar 2006
Unique Visitors: 4313
Number of Visits: 14410(means that those that came, visited 3.34 times)
Pages: 277,012
Hits: 1,573,335
Bandwidth used: 21.30 GB

(this is all excluding 90,000 visits from robots(google) and 3 gigs of bandwidth)

Average of 464 visits per day
Average of 50,752 hits per day
Busiest 3 hours are 8, 9 and 10pm, again, same as March :)
Visitors from 52 different countries

Average person stayed on the site for 10 minutes

Site with the most referals was dale and ron's sites, but a pretty big dropoff on the number of people reading posts with images... must be a downturn in visitors there it looks like, as there seem to be many few postings.

Google and yahoo brought in a few thousand visits from people searching for things like csx, amtrak, trains, photos, videos, bnsf, etc....

Very happy with the turnout here as of late... summer was a bit slower, since we were out railfanning in the nice weather :) it looks like winter outside today.....
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Unread post by Justin »

Whether it is summer or winter you can be assured I will be on this site. I visit everyday for at least ten minutes. And if it is shorter than a ten min. visit then I visit more than once. This site has become my number one place for finding news on trains as well as looking at all of the great pictures that all of us send in. I just want to say great work. I am sure glad that I joined. It is just too bad that I didn't join earlier or those numbers could have been higher. Keep up the good work guys.
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