Shoutbox and message board guidelines

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Shoutbox and message board guidelines

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First off...didn't think it would come to needing to post formally what is acceptable and what is inappropriate, but it's come to that point from the chatting we've had in the shoutbox as of late.

Just a couple of guidelines....

No trying to bypass the bad words filter that I've put on the site
No sexual talk
No bashing of other members

That's about it for now... i really do enjoy all the chatting you all do, and like reading through everything... The amount of time wasted deleting inappropriate comments lately though is just too much. A number of people have been quite offended by the talk, and it makes no sense to have a couple of people ruin the atmosphere for the rest. Any questions, feel free to PM, Email, or chat with me on AIM, Yahoo, or MSN. Thanks
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I wasn't one of the complainers but nevertheless I appreciate good standards. Thanks Zach.
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