Website Statistics - March

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Website Statistics - March

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Just to keep you guys updated in case you ever wondered just how busy this place has become... March was the busiest month overall yet... Here's some stats:

Mar 2006
Unique Visitors: 5314
Number of Visits: 13448(means that those that came, visited 2.53 times)
Pages: 199,007
Hits: 1,247,622
Bandwidth used: 22.94 GB

(this is all excluding 77,000 visits from robots(google) and 181,000 hits and 7 gigs of bandwidth)

Average of 433 visits per day
Average of 40,245 hits per day
Busiest 3 hours are 8, 9 and 10pm
Visitors from 57 different countries

Average person stayed on the site for 9 minutes
Site with the most referals was, with dale's board coming in second.

Glad you all make this site what it is... we are almost up to 11,000 pictures in the gallery as well! What a place this is :)
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