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What size picture do you prefer?

Current - 768 x 512
Larger - 1024 x 683
smaller - 640 x 480
Total votes: 7

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Picture size

Unread post by ~Z~ »

For the pictures that I edit and place in the gallery, wondered if you guys liked the size of my pictures at 768 x 512 pixels, of if you would prefer a bit larger size around 1024 x 683? The large size would increase the file size as well though... 768 x 512 is usually around 140 K or so, with 1024 x 683 being about 180 K...vote if you could and let me know which format you prefer..is 768 x 512 already too large for your screen format?
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Unread post by BerkshireKid »

I usually use 560 x 800. Size to me is nice. Not to big or not to small.
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Unread post by Aleks »

My software automatically resizes any pictures I view to fit the screen so size doesn't matter if they are large. If their too small they show up as small. A couple I've looked at from this site are like 3"x3" on my monitor. These are too small to realy view.

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Unread post by MMRR-24 »

I chose smaller because I have dial-up and it takes FOREVER to look at a single picture and to upload one.

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Unread post by Railzfan »

I prefer the smaller sizes; since I too have dial-up it takes several minutes to upload a single picture. So now I resize all my pictures before uploading them.
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