Ohio Trip

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Ohio Trip

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After getting a late start on Sunday morning me and my friend finally arrived in Fostoria around 0800. We set up shop across the street from the Boneyard in a parking lot at 0845 after some exploring.
First train was probably most interesting of the day. An AutoMax train led by BNSF 4318-6813 at 0852. It had 39 AutoMax cars in tow. This was the first all AutoMax train i've seen and it looked really cool.

Between 0900 and 1000 we seen 7 trains. In Durand it usually takes hours to see this many trains.

Next interesting move was a yard move with MPEX 5000 leading at 1222. This was a cool looking loco and of course no camera (in drawer at home).

We stayed trackside from 0852 until 1222 when we thought food was a good option. In this time we seen 19 trains, not bad.

We resumed at 1300 and stayed until 1632 when we thought it would be a good idea to find our hotel in the light. In this time another 19 trains pasted by. 6 hours 38 trains not bad at all.

After we got back from the hotelwe stopped by the depot. When we pulled into the lot i seen a green signal on the CSX and we decided to wait and see the approaching train. Five trains came through between 1828 and 1905 when we decided it was time to get dinner.

After dinner we sat trackside from 2006 until 2130 we we went to the hotel to sleep. In this time 9 more trains passed.

For the first day we counted 52 trains. Quite respectable.

Day two started in Fostoria and after an hour the day lead us toward Bellevue.

On our way we pasted through Maple Grove. This is a the site of a large stone quarry w/ rail service. Nothing was move so we moved on.

When we go to Bellevue we checked out the hump and the old steam shops. not much happening. We waited around the Nickel Plate and Mad River museum. With not much happening we headed toward Willard.

Upon arriving at Willard we caught a 127 car coal train headed by CSX 4846-4713.

With not much moving in Willard we headed over to Stanley. They had two remove shoving platforms (9190 & 9180) moving around the yard switching. With not much else happening we headed back home.

Grand total of trains for two days 69. Not bad compared to Durand where that takes me an average of a week and a half to that many trains if i'm lucky.
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Great report Fostoria Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wait a second.......Dane? you went to FOSTORIA without your camera? Dude, I'm gonna slap you so hard when I see you next time.

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very good report, and nice first post..where did you end up staying at? fostoria certainly can get quite busy...just don't spend too much time down there, or you'll get spoiled by the traffic levels and have a harder time sitting out at places like durand :)
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