Back from da UP Where is the snowfighters?

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Back from da UP Where is the snowfighters?

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I left for Arnold (lower corner of Marquette County) on Wednsday morning. Took I-96 from my house west to US127 in lansing. I was driving with my cousin who took this shots, since he can't drive yet. Got to Trowbrigdge, saw nothing it was about 7am. All the way from Lasning to Gould City (UP) there were no trains to be seen or heard. In Gould City off US 2 and Lake Mich the WC had spotted a propane car at an LP Gas distrubutor. In Ensign quite a few WC and CN Ballast cars were snow covered in the siding. Gladstone only had the SW1500 or MP15 what ever they call it CN paint with WC Sub letters. There was a Russel, and some jordans but no snow fighters. So we turned onto the county road to head up to Cornell home to the Rusty Rail and for a good reason, the Rusty rail is named after the dormat but over grown ELS main line from Esky to Channing. I do not think that the ELS knows there is a GBW box car and two flats maroned in a siding near, well I don't know, it was about 20 miles from the nearest town. By the time I passed the abondoned cars it was 5pm! yes it took me 12 hours to go from South Lyon to our cabin it was really snowing hard. Cars were in the ditches all over, counted 20 between the Mac Bridge and Garden Corners. So here are the photos the only trains my cousin and me saw.

Here is the play by play of our trip

Started snow in St. Ignace gettin off the bridge

In Manistuqe a the Paper Mill 2pm 4x4 hi on, moving at about 30 miles an hour still sliding
Bout a foot or better on snow, there is a snow plow in the whitness somewhere

WC Switcher idleing in the yard at Gladstone only 3" of snow here


The forgotten cars on the ELS
This line once saw the MILW ore trains powered with every thing from MILW F7A's to Conrail SD40-2s purchased by the ELS. The line is now dormat and has pine trees growing out of ties, it would be impossbile to to drive a locomotive down this line let alone a Bulldozer.
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