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A trip into the Durand/flint area.

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:59 pm
by patrick
Yesterday i decided that I wanted to go find trains. so, upon leaving bay city I ran into the SBS 310 job with LSRC 1280 running long hood forward and about 10 cars. Then, as we were driving by the csxt yard in Saginaw, I could see the LSRC 3504 pointed north sitting on a string of cars. We didnt see anything in Durand or in Bancroft. Upon getting getting to flint, I went over to where they load the trucks at the plant and sat across from there by the main line. didnt catch anything moving so I went to Torrey road entrance and caught the CN/GTW 6401 heading east with 5 cars. Also switching back in the yard was a unidinified GTW EMD unit. At the other end of the yard was the GTW 4632? and a westbound road freight. I tried to get a closer look at the road freight as it was stopped, but they had it back to far from the road. So I decided to chase it up to Swartz Creek. Getting into there I hit EVERY friggen light and just barely got to the crossing in time. It had the CN ????, CSXT 75??, and the NS 8733 and a crapload of cars. I'll have correct numbers a bit later. I then went back to flint, went to riders and looked around, and went to csxt Magrew. The yard looked pretty empty and the locos that were there were burried deep in the yard. I did notice they had an RLCX B39-8E and a slug set though. watched someone load 2 SUV's into the autoracks at Coldwater road too. This is the end of my trip as weather got crappy fast and made for a long drive home.