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10 this is 10. Number 10.

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 3:54 pm
by sd70accsxt700

Called for Q27217, at 19:30, with UP 5226 & CSXT 2710, with 3 platforms, and 15 loaded, and 29 empty, auto racks. We get on our train, in the eastbound yard, and pull up to Union St. at 20:50. Sitting on 68 hump, getting a air test, was the K90517, with CSXT 9032 & BNSF 914, with 44 cars. Sit back and relax we are here for a while.

Up next at 20:58, is the Q39618, with CSXT 5267, MRL 270, CEFX 3137, & CSXT 2429, with 64 cars. Then at 21:00, the Y21218, on the U91815, came past with CSXT 469, and 89 cars. Then Y1118, came past with CSXT 2674, and 12 auto part cars, at 21:40. At 21:42, the K17018, with CSXT 763 & 784, with 125 cars. Then the Q28918, went north with CSXT 5253, with 72 auto racks. Then up next at 23:22, is the E43417, with CSXT 155 & 399, with 143 cars. Then finally the Y21118, with CSXT 2647, came into the yard, at 23:56.

We departed, at 00:02, and at Dry Creek, we pass Y23018, waiting to head north, with CSXT 2208 & 6408, at 00:08. We stop at Vickers, at 00:16, and at 00:32, the 20E, goes past, with NS 9408 & 9775, with 20 auto racks, and 35 loaded, 1 empty platform (long count), with 60 containers. Then at 00:40, we see the 21J, with NS 9406, 5473, & 9402, with 81 loaded, 18 empty platforms (long count), with 85 containers, and 6 trailers. We depart Vickers, at 00:44, and pass the Q30518, with HLCX 7201, and 57 cars.

At Pickel Rd. we pass the Q24518, with CSXT 118 & 4792, with 78 auto racks, at 00:50. Next at 1:00, at Seaman Rd. we see Q22418, with GCFX 3079, and 29 auto racks. At MI Cabin, waiting to leave the docks, is the K18518, with CSXT 469 & 425, with 106 cars, at 01:08. We stop at Ottawa River , at 1:24, for ?, for 20 minuets. At Sterns Rd., we pass the Q21618, with Y21818, at 1:58, on board the CSXT 8555& & HLCX 9008, with 5 auto parts, 46 auto racks, and 36 mixed. At Monroe, we pass Q13118, at 2:14, with GCFX 3101, 68 loaded, 5 empty platforms (long count), with 114 containers.

At Carleton, we meet the Q23118, with CSXT 7659 & 8772, with 14 platforms (long count), with 30 containers, and 72 auto racks. After he passes we cross over to #1 track and head north. We stop at South Huron River Drive. at 3:08, behind the Q289, doing there work. At 04:10, we are passed by the N95417, with BNSF 9431 & 8276, with 119 cars. Up next to pass us it the K90517, at 04:26. Then at 04:46, is the G87916, with CSXT 8519 & HLCX 7321, with 65 cars. We depart S. Huron River Dr. at 04:48, and arive at New Boston, at 05:06, to set off 15 loads, 7 empties, for 1469 feet, and 2068 tons. We depart at 05:50, with 3 loaded platforms, 22 empties, for 1462 tons, and 2633 feet.

We take off for Wayne, and arive at 06:16, and set off 21 empties, for 1123 tons, and 1974 feet. , and leave with 1 hour to go, with 3 loads, and 1 empty, for 339 tons, and 659 feet. We stop at Newbergh, at 06:30, to see the Q39919, head south with CSXT 8831, and 57 cars. We depart at 06:34. At 06:52, we pass the Q29019, at making there pick up at East yard Plymouth, with CSXT 8342 & 8587. At Joy Rd., we pass the departing K35718, with CSXT 8503 & 8544, with 60 cars. We arive Rouge, at 07:20, and pull into the track and to a stop at 07:29. On the way in the yard, we pass the Q21619, waiting for its departure, with CSXT 8063, HLCX 6216, & CSXT 7567, with 42 cars.


Called for the Q39920, at 23:45, with GCFX 3102 & CSXT 8406, for 64 loads, and 36 empties, with 8885 tons, and 6356 feet. We depart Rouge at 01:40. As we leave , on the hill, is the Q27218, with FURX 3032, UP 1976 (still in Cotton Belt paint), & CSXT 8400, and 10 auto racks. We arive at Plymouth, at 02:30, and make our set off, in the north yard, of 10 loads, 641 tons, and 823 feet. We have to head out at Middle River, at 3:20, and watch Q32120, with GCFX 3060 & CSXT 7869, with 143 cars. We depart Middle River, at 3:28, and come around the Saginaw Wye, headed for the east yard. As we come across Mill St. we end up in a "race" with the X54418, with CP 6025 & SOO 6035, with 58 auto racks., at Hines Park, at 3:32. We back into the yard, and are supposed to pick up CSXT 2575 & 2653, along with our cars. But ..... Well this is a long story. The 2575, is FRA out of service, with a bad speed sensor, (he paid Plymouth a visit, earlier in the day), and something else, it was dead and drained. Also the CSXT 2653, FRA out of service, with a leaky exhaust ( this unit was supposed to be shut down, and drained, witch it was not, and I had to do it), and also flat spots. Well when we got them all hooked up and put together, as soon as I plugged in the MU cable between the dead units, and my units, the sand started blowing, and i couldn't build up air, on any of them.

During this time the X53617, passed with CP 8610, and 56 cars. Well after spending 2 hours total on the units, from the time we arived, and on the phone with Jacksonville, and the Mech. Desk, the problem wasn't solved, and we left them and two cars, in that track in Plymouth. We headed back out to our train, and departed at 06:30, after picking up 8 loads, 14 empties, for 1142 tons, and 876 feet. We left with 62 loads, 50 empties, for 9386 tons, and 6519 tons. At S. Huron River Dr. we pass the N95316, with CSXT 126 & 531, with 95 cars, at 07:30

The next stop is at Vickers, where we arive at 09:15. At 10:10, we see the 11E, with NS 9413 & 9313, with 64 cars. Then at 10:14, we have the NS 353, with NS 871? (the numbers were so worn off I could barley read them) & 8524, with 127 cars. Then next we see the last one, the 860, stopping to set off its train on the Stanley Sec., with CSXT 4831 & 8834, and 121 cars. We depart Vickers at 10:48, and pass the U93617, with CSXT 587 & 712, with 150 cars. At 10:56, we pass a yard job, turning power, the CSXT 4832 & UP 4352. Wait a minuet didn't I just see the 4831 at Vickers on the NS? Yep that is freaky, consecutively numbered SD70ACe's, both CSX, within a mile of each other on two different railroads. Small world. Well we stop at East Broadway, at 11:06, and watch the X05319, pull in ahead of us, with HLCX 6135 (in the new Maroon paint), & 6411, (in the new blue), & CSXT 2630, & 2642. We depart at 11:30, and pull into the yard to go home, and let someone else put it away.

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 9:00 pm
by sd70accsxt700
Here is the HLCX unit on the X05319, this power set was turned out on a train to Detroit. And also the NS 860, with the CSXT 8431.

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 2:08 pm
by ~Z~
Wow..really like that HLCX 6315 unit..nice paint scheme.

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:24 pm
by PAT.C

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:30 pm
by Scooterb
Me thinks that the Dumbo guy does all the work and Matt just takes credit for it

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:35 pm
by PAT.C