Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Called for Q15013 at 3:00 to deadhead up to Livernois, to bring back to Walbridge. We departed at 3:30 and arrived at 4:30.

Upon ariving at Livernois, the yardmaster said that they had this thing ready at 21:00 last night, but on one to run it. Well thats what we are here for.

A little background info first. If you remember the last report, Q132, went north with CSXT 5253, so when I got to work I looked, and it did not come south on Q131, so it is still there. When we pull in there it is, but facing the wrong direction. Then into the office I go to see what the power is, and I see a note for us that says we have to go out freight main 5, and turn the power. COOL I HAVE A GEVO! But then when I look closer, I see that we have to turn the CSXT 8103. Crap. NO GEVO.

So the train looks like this, CSXT 8103, 34 empty (short count) for 2324 tons, and 7000 feet. Hum a bare table train. Well we get on our power, and head out to put the train together, at 5:00. On the way down to Delray after the air test we pass a northbound CN on the CR, with UP 4101 & IC 6064, with 53 cars, at 5:58. We call for the blocks, and find out that we have the privilege of going the long way. So we depart Delray at 06:06, and head for Rouge yard. We are lined up past the yard. On the way past the yard, we see Q21613, built and waiting for its call time, with BNSF 6824 & 4666, 5 Auto parts, 15 auto racks, and 39 mixed. On the hill doubling up Q39913's train was the Y32012, with CSXT 6111 & 7563, with 125 cars, at 6:40.

As we head further out of town, we pass the also built Q23112, with CSXT 762 & 8622, with 6 platforms (long count), 8 containers, and 54 auto racks, in the 3rd rail, waiting to be called. At Outer Drive, we pass the X50011, waiting for us to pass, with CP 8505, 15 auto parts, 53 platforms (long count), 84 containers, and 26 mixed, at 7:04. Up next at Lilley Rd. tied down in the siding at Plymouth, is the N91406, with CSXT 296 & 39, with 95 cars, at 7:40 At 8:00 we overtake the Q22412, making its pick up, at Wayne all by its self (that is a real chore for a southbound), with FURX 3047, and 39 cars. We head farther south, and stop in Carleton.

As we are coming to a stop in Carleton, we see a north bound CN train with a CN paint SD40-2 & GTW 59?? (ex-KCS). As soon as he clears, we head south, and pass the S28712, at 8:32, with CSXT 5292, 7834, & 9255, with 63 auto racks. Right behind him, stopped at Stoney Creek, is N94609, with CSXT 204 & 403, with 95 cars. On we go to Sterns Rd. and stop at 09:20. And depart at 09:40. At Ottawa River, we pass Q27212, with CEFX 3140 & HLCX 6240, with 16 auto racks and 9 frame flats. At the docks we see K18513, ready to depart at 10:04, with CSXT 310 & 7, with 125 cars. We get stopped at Ironville, to see a NS local with NS 8597, and 40 cars head east across the diamond. We depart at 10:10, and stop at Vickers at 10:30.

At Vickers we see the 20R, at 10:34, with NS 9464, 2593, & 9406, with 107 loads, and 4 empties(long count) with 139 containers, and 26 trailers. Then at 10:44, we have a meet between 64V ? with NS 8353 & 6683, and 242, with NS 9945, and 140 Roadrailers. And finally we see the 206, with NS 9184, 9754, & 9577, 88 loads, 17 empties (long count), with 81 containers, and 41 trailers. We depart at 11:16, and pull into the yard and head home.

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