I dont know what number any more

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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I dont know what number any more

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Well this is late, because it seems that all of the sudden, we have no one to work and lots of trains, (seems more than normal). There is a another one after this, depending if I am still awake at the end of this one. I will also have up dates on new train symbol, and schedule, affecting Saginaw.


Called for Q15010, deadhead from Walbridge, to Livernois and bring train back. Departed Walbridge, at 2:15, and arived at Livernois at 3:30.
The train consisted of CSXT 6141 & EMDX 6305, with 36 loads, and 2 empties, (short count) for 5431 tons, and 7869 feet. As we sit and wait we watch X50110, pass the yard office, with CP 5776, 5663, & 5603. We finally got on our locos, which had to arive off of Q150 before we could start, at 6:10, and have to turn them by going out Freight main 5, to West Detroit, and swinging down the Detroit line, to Waterman, and back into the yard. Until further notice, all trains are seen between Waterman, and Delray. (Working these train this much lately I am one day going to Delray at 7:00 in the morning and staying the day). We pass 903, with NS 6794, and two Norfolk Southern passenger cars(I love passenger equipment), siting in the NYC track.

At 06:44, I see a northbound CN on the old Wabash, with a CN-9, & GTW 5944, with 72 cars. Then I seen a ? bound, CN with IC 6032, 6266, & GTW 5930, with 32 cars. Up next is 31M with LLPX 2258 & NS 8404, with 24 auto racks, at 7:14. Then it is the 18Q's turn at 7:35, with NS 2584 & 4627, with 56 cars. Then we were passed by a southbound CP train headed for Rouge yard, with CP 9559 & SOO 6061, with 85 cars. Then the parade continues with LD76 ? with NS 9249 & 9598, at 8:42, with 47 cars. Then at 9:02, I have another CP train pass with CP 9582 & 8576, with 101 cars. Next at 9:20, we have CN 383, with CN 5673 & WC 6925. The next train to pass as we are getting our air test, and getting ready to pull down to Delray, is CN 246, with GTW 5941, 5932, 6401, UP 2688, & 9667, and 88 cars. We pull to a stop at Delray, and see NS 2??, the Roadrailers to Willow Run yard, with NS 9047, and 39 Roadrailers, at 10:08. Then at 10:20, we were passed by LD??, with NS 5208, headed down to the boat yard, with 4 paper boxes. Then the CSXT 2770, came out from Rouge way, taking head room to switch Hog Bros. About that time a fellow rail fan, came over to the end of the road, were we were stopped, and had a nice little conservation with him.

We watched two CN hi-railers, and a crane come north past us at 11:00. Then at 11:04, CP 528 ?, with CP 5818, 9022 (a barn way cool), & 5915, headed to Oakwood yard, with 87 cars. And the hits just keep coming, then we see, a northbound NS, with NS 9120 & 6557, with 27 cars, at 11:18, and finally we see the last train, as we are told we can come past Delray at 11:25, it had NS 6725, and 37+ auto racks. As we come across the Rouge bridge, and onto the access track to the Lincoln Sec., we pass LV ??, with CSXT 4401, sitting Detroit Salt, at 11:32. Also on the way past the north end of Oakwood yard, we see NS 272's power, UP 2206, EMDX 798, & BNSF 4796, also pass a CP run trough train (not sure witch one with the CN trains now running down there), with CP 8569, with 58 cars. Also see the Tri-Level job, LD??, waiting for us to pass by, with NS 5254, and also (I have never seen this before) The NS 5052, with a Roadrailer bogie, with one with the coupler, waiting for the CP train to clear, so he can pick up a string of Roadrailers, in the yard, that the bogie, had been removed from, and the trailer legs put down on blocks of wood, laid in the guage of the track to hold the first trailer up.

At Monroe, we pass the Q39210, at 13:10, with UP 3808 & BNSF 4033, with 93 cars. And finally at Erie, we pass the Q32210, with CSXT 6120, 5939, HLCX 6317, & CSXT 8506, with 86 cars, at 13:36. We are relieved at Sterns Rd., with 20 minuets left, and head home.

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stopping in temperance/lambertville....can't even make it back to your state :) wish i knew more of these trains and have actually seen any of them.
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