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A couple days worth

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 7:43 pm
by patrick
Well, Since i've been too bummed out to get my crap together and get things done, I'm running a couple days behind. The holidays and winter alway depress me. so, for the trains... PAt C come up yesterday and he and i went and saw all the different yards and such in this area. We checked out the LSRC north yard and saw the derailment. They were just beginning to build a shoo-fly that day and still hadn't rerailed the car LSRC 5927. Today i was by there and they had the shoofly done and were redoing the crossing that had gotten torn out. they are having to replace about 70 feet of rail and ties. The north yard is completely shut down due to being cut off from the rest of the world. The 3504 and the 1280 worked the #310 job today and had about 25 cement hoppers from essroc and 12 gons for Omnisource. Yesterday we caught a loaded coal train with CSXT 94 and CSXT 458 both of which as of 1PM were still sitting at pine street today. the csxt 403 and 172 were sitting in Saginaw waiting to go south with empties. We drove through the yard (with permission sorrta) and saw the 1280, 2052, and 381 in the yard. the 2003 was nowhere to be seen. Thats about it for trains in this area today.