Trip #5

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Trip #5

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Called at 12:05, to deadhead up to Livernois, for the Q15004, and that what we were told to do. Well we leave Walbridge at 12:20, and head north. About 6 miles north of Monroe, the van drivers pager went off, so we got off the freeway, and pulled into a gas station, so he could call. Well it seems that they decided to send the train south, and we left Walbridge, with out any orders. So the dispatcher tells us to go to the CSX Ottawa yard and get our orders there.

Humm where is CSX's Ottawa yard? After making a couple of call, we guess, and I mean guess that he means AA'ers yard (when we asked where this yard of ours was he didn't seam to know). So back down the freeway to Ottawa yard we go, and pick up our orders at the yard building/engine house. We call and ask where the train is and it is at Lakeside Rd. Well we head up there and find the train and start our day.

The trains is CEFX 3114 & CSXT 8484, with 38 loads (short count), for 4765 tons, and 6663 feet. We arrived at the train at 14:30 We pull down to MP 127, behind the Q29004, at 15:00, we leave at 15:30, and pull up to Sterns Rd. at 15:40, and watch two trains.

First is the Q32204, with CSXT 8618 & HLCX 9045, with 87 cars, at 16:08. Then at 16:18, we have the Q30404, head north past us with BNSF 5215 & CSXT 8461, with 45 cars. At 16:45, we get called south, and pass Y12104, switching the steel place south of Sterns Rd., with CSXT 2635, 7 cars, and cab CSXT 900055. We pull to a stop at Ironville, and watch K17004, with CSXT 476 & ? with 125 cars head south at 17:10. At 17:40 we leave Ironville, and head south. At Seaman St. we pass the Q28704, with UP 4588 & 3905, with 21 mixed, and 64 auto racks, at 18:00. We zoom by Vickers and pass the Q33504, at Dry Creek, with CSXT 7817 & 8582, with ? cars. We pull into the yard, at 18:40, and after setting off the Florida's, we sit and wait for the outbound crew, so we have a ride, back to the office. They finally arrive at 20:55. And we get to go home.

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I saw the 8484 a couple of days ago; while lunching at a place along the Secondary, he passed through headed northeast pulling a Santa Fe unit and a whole bunch of containers...and he was passing through at a fairly good clip.

I can't remember if that was Tuesday or Wednesday...I think it was Wednesday...posted a note on the Shoutbox, which instantly got buried...
"From a really tall tower, in the middle of a really big field..."

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